The ‘Bidencopes Building’ has had a number of tenants in the past century, each leaving a mark from alterations to suit each company’s needs; the main alteration being in the early 1920s when women’s fashion was introduced into the building.

The most prominent tenant and owner of the building was Joseph Bidencope who was a tailor and hatter, which has become a large part of the building’s identity, with the adjacent lane named Bidencopes Lane. The upstairs office seeks to continue this thread of the famous Hobart fashion icon by exposing as much of the existing fabric of the building as possible.

The new office space touches as lightly as it can on the existing building fabric – the top of the walls and the ceilings remain untouched. Alterations have been made bold and distinct and are kept to a minimum, only where demed necessary to maintain the functionality of the space.

Address: 90 – 92 Murray Street, Hobart,

Open: 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday 11 November.

Highlights: Architectural office space, adaptive re-use

Building specs: Building type: 1800’s original, Ground floor altered: 2016, Upstairs: 2017