Though not Hobart’s first weapons depot, John Lee Archer’s 1838 Ordnance Store is certainly the city’s most prominent. Following completion of the new wharf at Salamanca in 1834, hundreds of convicts, housed in hulks moored at Sullivans Cove, quarried the cliffs behind Salamanca, cut the sandstone and built the imposing three-storey ordnance stores at Castray Esplanade, at a cost of £3500.

The stores were occupied by the Ordnance Department and the Army for some 120 years, before the Post Master General’s Department bought them from the Army for less than £15,000 – not much of a profit over more than a century! Now heritage listed, the store is home to restaurants, cafes, galleries, studios, specialty shops and restaurants.

Address: 21 Castray Esplanade, Hobart

Open: 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday 11 November

Highlights: Architectural office space, adaptive re-use, from convict hulks and the Salamanca Quarry

Building specs: Building type: Store, Year built: 1832, Architect: John Lee Archer