Markree, an intimate house museum and garden, is one of Hobart’s hidden treasures. Built in 1926 for Cecil and Ruth Baldwin, the house and garden reflect the influence of the Arts & Crafts movement, epitomised by the self-conscious mark of the maker and hand-finished details. Markree’s 1920s Tasmanian oak and blackwood furniture is by local cabinet makers Coogan and Vallance & Co.

Markree’s rare 1920s Arts and Crafts garden was laid out by Cecil Baldwin, who studied at the Burnley School of Horticulture in Melbourne – where the leading Australian garden designer Edna Walling also studied. Cecil Baldwin and Edna Walling probably knew each other through projects at Fern Tree and Sandy Bay. Visitors to Markree will enjoy echoes of Edna Walling’s gardens.

Address: 145 Hampden Road, Battery Point

Open: 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday 11 November

Highlights: Edna Walling-style garden, roses in bloom

Building specs: Building type: Arts & Crafts House, Year built: 1926, Architect: Bernard Ridley Walker