Back by popular demand, Chris Clinton’s reconfiguration of a simple shop into a two-bedroom unit, the award-winning New Town Road House!

Originally built in 1962 as a boot maker’s shop, the building is now an exemplar of how much space and comfort can be achieved within the constraints of a tiny site. Designed and built by Chris as his own home – the new additions are wrapped around the original shop and sit on a pocket-handkerchief 76 square metres of land. The three new levels of overlapping spaces are arranged into a unique example of adaptive re-use that proudly contributes to the streetscape. The floor space has been expanded from 22 to 100 square metres, retaining as much of the existing building as possible. The constraints of size and access have led to a variety of space-saving innovations including movable components to allow for adaptable spaces. A fascination with raw materials – both new and recycled – is evident throughout. Carefully framed views, curious and interactive details and low-energy consumption all result in a model for small-space, inner urban living.

Address: 62 New Town Rd, New Town

Open: 10am–2pm, Saturday 5 November

Highlights: Craftsmanship, designed and built by architect owner

Building specs: Type: House (Fish and chip shop conversion), Built: 2014 (renovation), Architect: Core Collective