Designed in 1956 for his brother Paul, Esmond Dorney’s entertaining design reinvents a pre-existing house which, although quite ordinary, sat on a most desirable site.

Esmond suggested that, with little disruption, he could clip on an extension that would transform ordinary into suitable and desirable, catering for the often competing demands of family and substantial entertaining.  The existing plan was opened up and new elements clipped on.  This insertion transformed the qualities of the internal space, providing new focus. It greatly increased the access of sunlight and an expansive view. The complexity of the resulting roof structure and form, unusual in Esmond’s work, tells the story of this evolution. The conversion, from conservative space to one promoting modern living and entertaining, was profound.

Text and Image – Copyright Dorney Trust

Address: 33 Willowdene Ave, Sandy Bay

Open: Pre-booked tours only, Saturday 11 November


Building specs: Built: 1956, Architect: Esmond Dorney

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