The centrepiece of the Brooker Highway’s roundabout highway interchange was decided by public design competition in the 1960s. Public design competitions rarely end well for Melbournians, but Sydneysiders daily thank Jorn Utzon for their Opera House. And Hobartians can thank Cadbury workers Geoff Parr, Vere Cooper and Rod Cuthbert for the city’s modernist fountain. Although the trio had never designed a fountain previously, they created a local icon. A 2013 refurbishment includes new hydraulics to adjust the spray during windy conditions (did you ever get drenched passing through the underpass?) and coloured LED lighting.

Address: Corner Liverpool Street & Brooker Highway, Hobart

Open: 10 am – 4 pm Sunday 5 November

Highlights: TBC

Building specs: Building type: fountain, Year built: 1963, Designers: Geoff Parr, Vere Cooper, Rod Cuthbert