Shambles Brewery belies its title. This enterprise is the creation of three mates who dreamt of beautiful beer. Enter Room11 Architects, who were briefed to “spend any money left over from brewing equipment” on architecture. Room11 have adapted the former butchery, using a tough, simple palette of steel, blocks and black paint. At the street frontage, tables are set adjacent to the main bar where a redundant refrigeration unit has been re-purposed as a container for firewood.

A service core features screens of fenestrated block-work, which create a light-play within the interior. Within the wall, cantilevered blocks perform the roles of tables and wait expectantly for glasses of beer.

Beyond the core, the brewing equipment creates a spectacular backdrop for a monumental communal table. The theatre of technical brewing equipment and deployment of simple, honest materials creates a robust interior, suitable for the significant demands of hospitality use.

Photographer: Andrew Knott

Address: 222 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Open: 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday 11 November

Highlights: Adaptive re-use, Tas. Architecture awards recipient, 2017

Building specs: Architects: Room11

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