Consecrated in 1958, the land was generously gifted by the Casimaty family, while Mr George Haros oversaw the building work. A lot of the work was carried out by Greek community volunteers. The original building comprised the central part only including the entry porch, narthex, nave and sanctuary. Really it was a small hall rather than a typical Greek Orthodox Church.

In 1980, through the generous gesture of Mr Malcolm Bethune (brother of  the Premier of Tasmania, Mr Angus Bethune) the adjoining section of land was gifted to the church. This allowed the floor area to double by the addition of a transept on either side of the existing nave. Openings with new circular columns were formed with circular arches. A new gallery was added over the narthex. The existing temple was kept and a new soleas added to the main entrance to the sanctuary. A new dome was added to reinforce the Byzantine style.

The new work was completed in 1981. The architectural work was carried out by Michael Roussos of Hudson Roussos Architects and the builder was Mr Geoff Anderson.

More recently a new annex was provided at the back to cater for small functions.

Address: 5 Antill St. Hobart

Open: 10 am - 1pm, Saturday 11 November

Highlights: Traditional Greek Orthodox Church

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