“Buildings physically form the City, but its life takes place in the space that’s left over. And just as the trained eye can read the architectural language of buildings, so the various public spaces of the city can be designed to be read and understood. Rather than allow the form of the city to be merely a by-product of its functions, Urban Design aims instead that it be created as a direct expression of those that live in it.

Drawing upon such classics in the field as ‘Responsive Environments’ and The Concise Townscape’, Urban Designer Nick Booth of nbd.space will lead you through a crash course in how to read a city while examining some recent changes and proposals for Hobart’s CBD and visiting some sites of potential civic development as suggested by the Better Hobart Group.

Duration 90 mins to 2hrs

Better Hobart is a collection of multi-disciplined practitioners, professionals and concerned residents who seek to act as a voice and a catalyst for high quality, environmentally  sustainable and people-centred design and town planning in the future growth of our area.

Address: Collins Court

Date/time: 11:30am Sunday 19 November

Cost: Free but bookings essential

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