Photo: Grace Burdick

Completed in 1915 at a cost of £27,000, the Hobart City Hall was a major investment in the city’s social life. It has hosted many major events over the past century, from hosting Dame Nellie Melba, Queen Elizabeth and AC/DC to numerous trade fairs, exhibitions, political and religious gatherings, wrestling matches and more. Designed by Raymond ‘Rusty’ N Butler with Flack Ricards and Frank Heyward, the hall boasts a floor area of 1180 m2 and a maximum standing capacity of 1390 people. The architects employed a mix of traditional and modern construction techniques, with concrete and steel being married to timber and brick to form the Anglo-Dutch design.

Open: 10 am - 1 pm Saturday 9 November


Raymond N Butler with Flack Ricards and Frank Heyward