Photographer: Tash Newman

65 Murray Street is a most curious building. Designed in 1961 and built in two parts, six storeys at a time, it features internal timber detailing, curved door openings and a stunning terrazzo staircase. This Modernist office building is now home to Studio 65, a hub for the Tasmanian arts community. Visit Level 1 (Bett Gallery) and Level 3 (Studio 65) or book a spot on a rooftop tour for big city views.

Address: 65 Murray Street, Hobart,

Open: Tours Saturday 9 November

Tours: 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm

Building specs: Building specs: Type: Office, studios Built: 1959.

Access details: Meeting point for tours on Level 3


Philip Leighton Floyd & Beattie

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