Image: Fiona McMullen

One of the oldest heritage buildings in the state, the eight buildings that make up what is now referred to as the Treasury building are regarded as the most significant in Tasmania’s administrative history. The courthouse was the first building to be erected in 1824, making it the oldest Supreme Court in Australia. In the following century another seven buildings were constructed, including the Police and Convict Office in 1835 and Public Offices in 1841, both designed by John Lee Archer. The latter, constructed by convict James Blackburn, was the first public building to house the Treasurer of Van Diemen’s Land. The complex has also housed offices for the Attorney-General, the Chief Justice, the Premier and various government ministers.

How to access open areas (no bookings required):

1835 Watchhouse, 1841 Basement – enter via Murray Street Driveway

1920 Great War Honour Roll, 1860 Court House – enter via Macquarie Street

1883 Executive Council Meeting Room – enter via Franklin Square

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Address: 21 Murray Street, Hobart

Building specs: Type: Government Building. Year: 1824. Architect: John Lee Archer