A schoolhouse that has stood the test of time with several incarnations as an educational institution. Opening in 1850 as the High School of Hobart Town, it became the University of Tasmania in 1892, and was subsequently used by a variety of Tasmanian educational institutions. It became known as Domain House in the 1970s and was returned to the University of Tasmania in 2012.

Address: Queen’s Domain, Hobart

Open: 10 am – 4 pm Sunday 5 November

Highlights: Heritage

Tours: 12 noon and 12.30 pm. Tours depart from The Great Hall.

Building specs: Building type: School, Built: Opened in 1850 and 2015, Architects: Alexander Dawson (1850), Cumulus Studio, in association with heritage architects Paul Johnston and Peter Freeman Conservation Architects and Planners (2015).

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