This beachside house was both positioned and raised to ensure views along the length of Bellerive Beach as well as panoramic views of the harbour, the western shore and the mountain.  Its form merges with those of the hills, eucalypts and she oaks among which it is set.

Its wraparound deck and deck-height pergola established a foreground plane, which mediated the cultural space of the house and the natural world beyond.

The steel-framed structure, which is substantially exposed, was constructed off site, expediting construction and allowing the roof to be totally independent of the glazing and wall structures that infilled below. This independence is clearly expressed by the floating aesthetic established by the deep eaves, which shade and protect the wall and glazing. The rhythm of the structure and roof form reflects that of the living spaces below, providing a literate spatial logic to a relaxed open plan.


Address: Address given on pre-booked tours only, No children, no guests outside.

Open: Pre-booked tours only, Sunday 12 November. Bookings essential.

Tours: Pre-booked tours only, 10:00 am, 10:15 am, 10:30 am, 10;45 am, 11:00 am

Building specs: Built: 1959, Architect: Esmond Dorney

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