Join Supreme Court judges and architect Peter Partridge on a unique guided tour of the highest court in the state, including underground tunnels and basement criminal holding cells.

“An exemplary, enduring piece of public architecture that makes a poised contribution to the city of Hobart. The plaza between the two court buildings opens up a diagonal landscape link between St. David’s Park [above], and the adjacent Parliament Square and the Sullivans Cove waterfront. From Salamanca Place a slate base folds up like a piece of carved landscape and supports two sandstone-clad pavilions. This is a building that is indebted to classicism but carries the burden of a period of architecture much maligned for its material brutality. The use of materials here is super-direct and the detailing is studious.”

– The Australian Institute of Architecture’s 2010 National Architecture Awards jury citation for the Supreme Court complex in Hobart.

Address: 1 Salamanca Pl, Hobart

Open: Pre-booked tours only, Saturday 5 November and Sunday 6 November

Highlights: Holding cells, court interiors

Tours: Pre-booked tours only 10am Saturday 5 November & 10am Sunday 6 November. Bookings essential

Building specs: Type: Court buildings, Built: 1970s, Architect: Peter Partridge

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