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The core of the building’s design is the notion of locality, regionality and “Tasmanian-ness”. A modest private residence, it interprets in contemporary terms what the architect believes to be by far the most beautiful and appropriate of Tasmanian precedents: the Georgian period vernacular. The building utilises, to the maximum extent possible, raw, untreated and locally sourced materials, such as Tasmanian timbers and sheep wool. Synthetic materials and treatments are minimised to bare compliance with the National Construction Code, to an extent where, if furniture and few other components are removed, the building can freely decompose and become a certifiable organic garden. The small building represents the first phase of a larger pavilion house, designed to exist comfortably either as one or two independent residential units. This has been achieved at cost equivalent to an economy project home, reflecting typical Tasmanian inventiveness and ability to make the most out of quite little. The building demonstrates the ability of the island state to be wholly self-sufficient in bulk construction materials and it serves as an easily replicable prototype of an affordable, debt-free, locally sourced and delivered housing model.

Hop onto the Open House YouTube channel at 12.30 pm to learn more about the build!

Architect: Atelier Jiri Lev

Highlights: Sustainable design, living small

Building Specs: Type: house. Built: 2021

Virtual Tour: 12.30 pm

Duration: 30 minutes (please note this building is located an hour drive out of Launceston)

Accessibility: Stair access only


Virtual Tour

Building Type


Architectural Period

Contemporary (2001-current)


Affordable Design

New to Program

Virtual Tour


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