Kate Beard

Kate Beard has been working with TasWater (previously Southern Water) since 2009. Through her role as Community and Stakeholder Engagement Officer, Kate has provided Open House visitors with the opportunity to explore TasWater facilities including the ever-popular Hill Street Pump Station And Reservoir in West Hobart. TasWater provides essential water and sewerage functions in Tasmania, encourages water conservation and provides education on sustainable water use.

First built in 1862 and expanded in 1883, the Hill Street reservoir continues to function as a part of Hobart’s water supply, including providing a back-up water supply for fire fighting. Opening infrastructure such as this provides a unique insight into what makes our city tick. Kate is a great supporter of Open House through this generous contribution to the program and as the host of numerous tours of TasWater facilities in both Hobart and Launceston. Her passion for the Open House program clearly shows.

“I really enjoy events such as Open House, as it enables us to invite the public behind the scenes to see some really interesting and often surprisingly beautiful places, while talking with TasWater staff who are really passionate about what we do.”