Image: Helen Norrie

The last in the block in original condition, this apartment was built on the site of eight original houses, along with a number of other apartment blocks. Developed at a time when Hobart Lord Mayor John Soundy was championing higher density city living, this innovative approach is typical of the era. Given Hobart’s current housing challenges, this is a timely and interesting example of well-designed, high-density housing. Designed by renowned Tasmanian architect Ray Heffernan, the block was built in 1964 and showcases the principles of good design that fundamentally can improve human experience. At only 37 square metres, the apartment is north facing and is designed perfectly for the climate. It catches the winter sun through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, keeping the apartment warm, whilst remaining cool in summer.

Address: 6/6 Alt-Na-Craig Avenue, New Town

Building specs: Architect: Ray Heffernan. Built: 1964