Image: Nina Hamilton

Designed by Henry Hunter, the Town Hall was constructed using sandstone quarried from the River Derwent at Bridgewater and Knocklofty. It opened in 1866 with a grand ball attended by 1130 guests, which went from dusk until dawn. The first ballroom gas jet chandeliers came from Birmingham and were replaced with electric chandeliers at the turn of the century. After the discovery of the original crystals, the chandeliers were restored for the 150th anniversary of Hobart becoming a city, in 1992. Originally housing the police force and magistrates court, the building also boasts what is considered one of the finest historical pipe organs in Australia. The opening will include the ballroom and council chambers.


Address: 50 Macquarie St, Hobart

Highlights: Symmetry, chandeliers, organ, ballroom and council chambers

Building specs: Type: Town Hall. Year Built: 1866. Architect: Henry Hunter